Safetech Research Institute, SRI

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Technical Service


    Cathodic Protection Computing and Research Center, SRI is a professional organization providing technical services in cathodic protection and AC/DC interference numerical simulation and computing prediction. The center is focused on CP and interference researches, aiming at solving corrosion problems in industries related to pipeline, offshore structure, electricity transportation systems, railways, city metro systems, etc. The services include CP diagnosis, CP effect assessment, optimized design for CP systems, life span prediction for sacrifice anodes, AC/DC interference prediction, interference risk identification and assessment, mitigation project design and optimization, etc. The center owns world-advanced simulation software and laboratory facilities. The technical team is well equipped with knowledge and experience in computing simulation. The team consists of 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 4 doctors and a dozen of masters, among whom many are NACE CP certificate holders. 

Core Technology
  • Cathodic Protection Numerical Simulation Technology and Station Area Cathodic Protectoin
  • CP Effect and Service Life Assessment for Offshore Facilities
      Using the method of CP numerical simulation, this technology can comprehensively assess the effectivity, optimize the design and extend the service life for CP systems on offshore facilities, including offshore platforms and subsea pipelines. The cost can be reduced and efficiency increased. Plans for future tests and updates can also be provided.
  • AC/DC Interference Prediction and Mitigation Design
      By using advanced numerical simulation software, maximum and average interference can be predicted and assessed for newly-built pipelines, electricity facilities and finished projects. Accordingly, mitigation and optimizing designs can be conducted, and protection effect can be predicted. The service life of the mitigation measures can also be assessed based on the results of simulation and relevant researches.
Project Performance
Project Source
Project Name
Beijing Gas Group
Sacrifice Anode Serive Behavior and Life Prediction Research
CPE Beijing
MOEP and Hi-voltage Electric Line Parallel Technology Research for a Oversea Oil Field
Oil Field Sacrefice Anode CP Effect Evaluation
Research on the Impact of Municipal Infrastructures to Oil & Gas Pipeline CP System and its Protection
CPE Xinjiang
Oil Storage Area CP Optimized Design
Creative Funds
CP Test Probe Technology Research
Beijing Gas Group
Municipal Hi-Voltage Corridor and Gas Pipelines AC Interference Protection Research
Electro-magnetic Interference Protection Research for a Newly-built Railway Crossing a Big Oil Field
Numerical Simulation Optimization for Jacket ICCP Life Extension
Yunnan Electricity Network
Converter Station Electrode DC Interference Study
Western Pipeline
Research on the Impact of Extra High Voltage DC Transportation System to Pipelines and Station Facilities and the Protection Measures
Sinopec East China Sales
Pipeline CP Smart Mornitoring and AC/DC Interference Mitigation Technology
CNPC Eastern Pipeline
Safetly Boundary and Hyper Safety Boundary Research on the Impact of High/Extra High Voltage DC Electrode Ground Current to Pipeline Safety
CNPC Pipeline Bureau
Linear Anode Protection Circuit Pipeline Numerical Simulation
Subsea Pipeline Sacrefice Anode CP Numerical Simulation
CPE Beijing
Station Area CP Key Technology Research
Beijing Gas Group
Sub High Voltage Gas Pipeline Assessment
Oil Transportation Pipeline Leaking Sections CP and Stress Condition Numerical Simulation
Guangdong Electricity Network
Assessment of a 220KV Electricity Transportion Structure Crossing a Gas Pipeline
Sinopec East China Sales
 AC Interference Inspection and Assessment for Sunan Pipeline Circuit Change Construction
CNOOC Huizhou
Multiphase Sea Pipeline CP Condition Assessment and Damaged Anode Change Project Design
CNPC Mid-Asia Pipeline
Mid-Asia Pipeline CP System Assessment
Zhuhai Hongwan Center  
220KV Electricity Transportion Structure Electro-Magnetic Interference Evaluation and Proction Project Design
CNPC Eastern Pipeline
Pipeline to Ground Potential Test Device Installation for Valve Rooms under Impact of High Voltage DC Transportation
Sinopec Xuzhou Pipeline
External Inspection Data Analysis Software System Based on Pipeline Integrity Management
Research on Safety Boundary, Mitigation Technology and Engineering Application of Gas Transportation Pipeline under Impact of High Voltage DC Electrode
CNPC Eastern Pipeline
Assessment of Interference of ±1100KV Extra High Voltage DC Transportation Converter Station Electrode to West-east Gas Pipeline 
Customer Feedback

'Technicians from CPCRC, SRI are earnest and well-qualified doing our projects. The simulation technology they use has efficiently solved the tough problems encountered on site.'

- Integrity Engineer, CNOOC Shenzhen

'The use of simultation technology to assist the design of complicated CP structures in big storage areas has successfully predicted the effect of cathodic protection, optimized the system and controlled the risks of failure.'

- Project Dept., CNPC West Pipeline

'Vast quantity of systematic researches have been done on the impact of hi-voltage electrodes to pipelines, among which many are innovative and forward-looking.'

- Pipeline Division, CNPC East Pipeline

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