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Technical Service


    Oil & Gas Field Material Selection and Evaluation Center


    Oil & Gas Field Material Selection and Evaluation Center, SRI focuses on material selection and life prediction, corrosion risk assessment, failure analysis and well hole integrity management for oil & Gas field wells. The center has a professional team consisting of laboratory specialists, on-site service engineers, and multi-disciplinary experts. 

Core Technology
  • Oil & Gas Field Material Selection Strategy and Well Hole Design
      With the use of corrosion condition simulation software and equipment, the original on-site corrosion conditions can be clarified and simulated, and well design and ......
  • Oil & Gas Field Well Hole Corrosion Prediction and Corrosion Risk Assessment
      Based on material and service environment analysis, with the use of corrosion prediction software, whole well depth corrosion risk analysis and prediction can be conducted, and corrosion risk......
  • Oil & Gas Field Well Hole Corrosion Failure Analysis
      For oil and gas field down hole string, down hole tools and facilities, and well head process facilities, failure causes can be clarified, and corrosion control solution can be provided in line......
  • Oil & Gas Field Well Hole Integrity Management
      Oil and gas field well hole integrity design can be conducted, based on corrosion control and mechanical considerations, in line with production process, and inhibitor and non-metal applicability......
Project Performance

Project Source

Project Name


Anti-Corrosive Alloy Sea Water Corrosivity Experiment System and Pit Corrosion Rule Study


Corrosion Control Optimizing Measures for a Platform


Injection-Production String Critical Erosion Flow Quantity Test


Self-Repair Annulus Protection Fluid Performance Inspection


Pit Corrosion Critical Condition Research for an Oversea Oil field


2016 Inhibitor Evaluation


2014 Corrosion Failure Analysis


Evaluation of the Corrosion Resistance for Four Types of Stainless Steel


Oil Casing Pipeline Service Life Assessment

Yada Pipeline

Corrosion Simulation Experiment for F51 Steel under CO2, H2S and HTHP Conditions

Wuxi Gaoxin

Corrosion Product Test and Analysis

Changjiang University

Oil Casing Tube Joint Anti-Corrosion Evaluation Experiment


2017 Gas Well Corrosion Prediction Model Establishment and Evaluation Competitive Negotiation


Oil and Gas Field Typical Corrosion Evaluation and Analysis


Casing Tube Corrosion Risk Assessment and Control for an Oil field in Gas Liquid Two Phase Environment


Well String Typical Failure Oil Pipe Test and Evaluation for a Gas Storage

Zhejiang Jiuli

G3 Alloy Fracture Analysis

Customer Feedback

'The project team members were earnest and professional. They completed the project with high efficiency. The project performance was graded as A by all of us.'

- CNOOC Shenzhen


'The team is professionally equiped and highly motivated.The result of the project can effectively guide the material selection design.'

- CPE Beijing

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