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    Hydrogen Embrittlement and Failure Analysis Center

    Hydrogen embrittlement and failure analysis centre of Satetech Engineering Technology Institute, has a high-quality professional team, not only has a master's degree doctorate based technology backbone group, also has decades of hydrogen embrittlement and failure analysis experience Professor level consultancy team and a number of professional and senior technical experts. The center's current business scope covers and evaluates hydrogen embrittlement, coating evaluation, evaluation of non-metallic materials such as long-distance pipeline, submarine pipeline, ground process pipeline, down hole string, mooring anchor chain, pressure vessel, coating and so on. Evaluation and failure analysis work, has accumulated a wealth of experience.

Core Technology
  • Hydrogen Sensitivity Analysis Technique
      Under hydrogen contained service environment, hydrogen atoms can permeation into internal of the metal material. This will cause hydrogen embrittlement or other damage, leading to sudden......
  • Coating Evaluation Technology
      The basic performance parameters of coating before and after service are compared and analyzed by environment simulation and acceleration technology. The coating was evaluated from the.......
  • Failure analysis techniques
      Through the analysis of physical and chemical properties, site process analysis, corrosion conditions and environmental analysis, the existing maintenance measures and other comprehensive......
Project Performance
Project Source
Project Name
CNOOC Research Institute
Deep Water Oil & Gas Facility Material Selection
(With Double Phase Stainless Steel Hydrogen Embrittlement)
Pipeline Research Institute of CNPC (PRIC)  
The Impact of Diffused and Accumulated Hydrogen to the Performance of X90 Steel
CNPC West Pipeline 
Hydrogen Embrittlement Sensibility and Critical CP Potential Study for X80 Pipe Steel in Typical West Soils 
CNPC West Pipeline 
Hydrogen Coal Gas Pipeline Material Service Applicability Research
Beijing Gas Group 
The Impact of Coal Gas to Burning Facility and Transportation Pipeline Safety Research
Safety Boundary and Hyper Safety Boundary Study of the Impact of High/Extra High Voltage DC Electrode Earth Current to Pipelines
CNOOC Research Institute 
Faulty Sea Pipeline Corrosion Simulation Experiment and Cause Analysis
CNOOC Research Institute 
Sea Pipeline Accident Cause Investigation and Analysis Report
Oil Field Platform Riser Failure Analysis and Inspection
Product Sea Pipeline Corrosion and Anchor Chain Area Sea Mud Corrosivity Analysis
CNOOC Shenzhen
Preliminary Study of Platfrom Sink and Pump Piping Corrosion 
Sichuan Hengyi Oil Technology Service
Oil Field Ground Pipeline Failure Analysis and Dissolved Oxygen Corrosion Mechanism and Control Method Study
CNOOC Zhanjiang 
Terminal Three Phase Separater Corrosion Cause Analysis
SINOPEC Northwest Oil Field
2014 Corrosion Failure Analysis(incl.Internal Coatings) 
SINOPEC Northwest Oil Field 
2015 Corrosion Failure Analysis
Zhejiang Yinlun
Aluminum Alloy Oil Cooler Corrosion Failure Analysis
CNOOC Shenzhen 
Platform Process Pipeline Failur Analysis
CNOOC Shenzhen
Platform Process Pipeline Failur Analysis 
Pipeline Research Institute of CNPC (PRIC) 
Sea Pipeline Coating Life Prediction Study
CNOOC Shanghai
Experimental Study of Galvanic Corrosion Control
Shell China
2015 Low-cost Exhaust Purifier Material Development
Shell China
2016 Low-cost Exhaust Purifier Material Development 
Fiberglass Pipeline Failure Mechanism and Performance Evaluation Method Study under High Sulphur High Salt Conditions
Customer Feedback

'This project is a quite special and practical work and it has actually solved the problem we meet in the field.'

- Integrity Engineer, CNOOC

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